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Water Quality & Safety

Our Multi-Step Process – Quality Assurance

First, the natural spring water is captured, tested for base line purity and quality and filtered through a five micron filter, then loaded into stainless steel tanker trucks that are dedicated to hauling nothing but our spring water. All of our tankers and storage vessels go through extensive testing and monitoring as well as routine scheduled sanitization procedures.

Second, upon reaching the bottling plant, the water is tested again for consistency and purity and filtered again to one micron and stored in a food grade stainless steel holding tank. While in the holding tank, the water is re-circulated through micron filters and ultraviolet light tubes to inhibit any possible bacterial growth.

Third, ozone generated at the plant is bubbled through the water in a stainless steel "ozone contact tank." If any organism has survived the process to this point, ozone destroys it by imparting an electrical charge to the cell walls of the organism and exploding them. We use ozone for disinfection because ozone is a highly effective but unstable element. Ozone is composed of three oxygen molecules and it naturally returns or "breaks down" to oxygen within twenty minutes leaving no taste or residual carryover.

Finally, the water is filled into bottles that have been completely sanitized with ozone, heat and high pressure water. The bottles are capped, without human contact, by fully automatic machinery and loaded into racks for storage and delivery.

The final product is tested a minimum of six times every hour during the production process on the bottling line for bacterial contamination, ph and total dissolved solids. Each bottle of water is then stamped with the production date, time and facility code that lets you know that you are buying the freshest, highest quality natural water available. The State Health Department tests both the final product and the spring source for bacterial contamination on a weekly basis and our internal lab tests the water on a twenty minute cycle to ensure quality.

In addition, the State requires that both the final product and the source be tested annually by an E.P.A. licensed laboratory for an additional 283 potential organic and inorganic contaminants. Our product is also subject to annual surprise inspections by the Federal Food and Drug Administration as well as the National Sanitation Foundation.

The end result, our brands of water are among the finest natural spring waters available to consumers in the world.

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