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The PERFECT Cup of Coffee


#1 - WATER

Fresh, good-tasting water is essential since it makes up more than 98% of a cup of coffee. Mineral content can affect taste. For best results, your water should be a low mineral content spring water or it should be treated by a professional to ensure a “perfect cup”.


Next to the base element, water, Temperature is the next key component. It affects flavor and extraction.

Ideal water temperature – 195 to 205 degrees (92 – 96 C)


To ensure that temperature, time and turbulence are perfect every time you need to have a premium brewer.  

Time – Brewing time or the time the water is in contact with the coffee grind determines the amount of coffee material extracted, the major component affecting flavor.

Turbulence – Turbulence is created as the water passes through and over the coffee. It should cause the particles to separate and create a uniform flow of water around them for proper extraction. 

Brewing perfect coffee starts with clean and well maintained equipment that is calibrated correctly and professionally maintained. Buying a quality brewer is great when it comes out of the box. But if your equipment hasn’t been calibrated and professionally maintained, it is most likely in need of a tune up.

And, of course – Fill your brew basket with Premium Refreshment specially selected coffees….