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Private Label / Art Specifications / Data Sheet

What is the minimum order of bottles or cases that I can order?
Our minimum order of custom labeled bottled water is 1 pallet. 

How do you package your bottles?
Our bottles come in 24 count cases. For 12 oz, we package 91 cases per pallet. For 16.9oz, 60 cases per pallet.  For 20 oz, 54 cases per pallet.

Can you split ship or drop ship to more than one location?
Yes! We can split ship your order to as many destinations as you like.

What is the shelf life of bottled water?
There are no specific published guidelines or regulations pertaining to a legal shelf life for bottled water. We recommend that you consume your water within two years of bottling.

What is your water quality?
We offer both spring and purified drinking waters. Our purification process produces the highest quality water available.

How will I know what the freight charges are?
Before any order is processed you will receive a freight charge quote via the telephone or email.

Will I have art approval before the order is produced?
Yes! You will receive a label proof via email PDF file.

When is payment due?
Payment is due prior to processing of the order.

Are there any charges if I cancel my order?
Orders may be cancelled prior to the final approval of the label. Any cancellations will result in a $100 cancellation charge.

View the data sheet for more information.

Private Label / Art Specifications / Data Sheet