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What System is Right for You?

Compare Reverse Osmosis and Carbon Filtration:

What is a carbon filter?

Carbon filters are common home water treatment systems for problem water. They are most often used to eliminate undesirable odors and tastes, organic compounds, and residual chlorine. The activated carbon acts like a sponge, attracting and holding certain non-polar chemicals as water passes through it.

What is a reverse osmosis filter?

Reverse Osmosis, referred to as R.O., uses a combination of carbon filters and porous membranes to flush dissolved impurities using an absorption process. More than just a simple carbon filter, the reverse osmosis system puts water through a sophisticated three stage refining and clarifying process.

Need help deciding?

In order for our knowledgeable technicians to select the type of equipment that best meets your needs, a refreshment consultant will start by testing your source water to determine its quality. This foundational information will then allow our team to determine which product gives you the type of equipment that best addresses your concerns.

Premium Refreshment Service equipment is regulated by the NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation) and the Water Quality Association. These designations are awarded to systems that meet or exceed industry standards for performance, capacity, and integrity in removing specified drinking water contaminants. Rest assured, the products recommended will provide you with the most effective results on the market today.

If you would like to request more information regarding Water Filtration systems, please request a consultation from our professional Refreshment Consultants to assess your specific needs.